Die-Cut (outside border cut)

 Die-cut means that we are cutting through both the vinyl decal material and the paper backing. This   cut type doesn't leave any material around the decal. Another way to look at it is to think of it like a "cookie cutter." Your decals are all individually cut out to the contour of your design, so you have individually cut decals with no paper material around the design.
* Please note, back slit (crack and peel) is only available on decals 3" x 3" up to 12" x 12". *

 Kiss-Cut (sheet cut stickers or decals)

 Kiss-cut means we are only cutting through the vinyl layer ("decal material") and not cutting through   the paper backing, leaving a paper material border around your decal. When you choose a kiss-cut   decal, you will have extra material around your decal for easy peeling.


 Transfer-Cut (artwork and lettering, no background)

 Transfer cut option means that we will be cutting the vinyl decal material to a specified shape, graphic   or text and then removing or “picking” any excess or unwanted vinyl material from your design leaving no vinyl background on your decal. We then place a transfer tape over the top of the remaining pieces of vinyl. This tape is what holds all the individual cut pieces of your decal design once you remove the paper backing from your decal. It also allows you to place multiple individual pieces of vinyl decal material on your desired surface cleanly and evenly.

* Vector File (EPS or Ai – Adobe Illustrator) format needed for Transfer Cut decals. *



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